3 Wines 

Three wines, three vineyards, three single varietals: Vignamaggio’s new single vine collection.


For years, Vignamagggio has been undertaking constant research on its soils, microclimates and grapes to be able to create wines that mirror the expressive potential of the estate’s large patrimony: the vineyards. In this selection, you will find the Merlot di Santa Maria, the Sangiovese di Vitigliano and the Cabernet Franc di Vignamaggio.

What’s in the box.

1 IGT Toscana Rosso MERLOT DI SANTA MARIA 2015 (750 ml)
1 IGT Toscana Rosso SANGIOVESE DI VITIGLIANO 2015 (750 ml)
1 IGT Toscana Rosso CABERNET FRANC DI VIGNAMAGGIO 2015 (750 ml)

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Weight 4.5 kg

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